Additional Features Of The Time Machine (Road Race Model)

• Provides 2 different modes of operation - Cross-Country (also used for Road Races) and Lap Timing
• Stores up to 255 separate events.
• Displays timing mode and event# when time clock is reset.
Two Timing Modes:
• Provides two different methods of performing Select Timing.
• Allows 5 digit BIB# inputs including three alpha characters (WMX).
• Provides finish places for up to 99,999 finishers.
• Can preset the time clock to any value between 0.00 and 31:59:59.00 (this also supports "time of day" timing).
• Selectable up or down count. Down count can “trigger” a starting horn when clock reaches 0.00 (compatible with
   display clock horn).
• Allows multiple starts (wave starting) for up to nine independant starts.
Cross Country:
• Used for general purpose "lap timed" events (auto, boat, bicycle, etc).
• Stores and displays both split times and lap times.
• Provides lap counter for up to 30 laps (rolls over to "0" upon overflowing).
Lap Timing:
• All recalled data is displayed on the LCD and printed if printer is on.
• Any data may be recalled at any time, even while an event is being timed.
• Can recall event list showing events stored in memory, number of times in the event and the timing mode of the event.
Recalling data:
• Can recall times in time order starting at any given time or place#.
• Can recall times in lane# order starting at any given time or place#.
• Can recall select-times independently, including BIB# and place#.
• Can search for a specific time in memory.
• Can search for a specific BIB# (race#) with its associated select-time and place#.
• Can specify event# (or "all" events) and lane# (or "all" lanes) from which data is to be recalled.
Cross Country and Lap Timing Modes: