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For Road Race and Cross-Country Meets
For Track Meets, Cross-Country Meets and Road Race
For Swimming Meets, Track Meets, Cross-Country Meets and Road Race

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Basic Features Included With All Models Of The Time Machine

Independent, high precision crystal controlled timebase circuit.
Small and lightweight with high impact ABS molded plastic enclosure.
Portable - operated by rechargeable battery.
18-key full size keyboard. Full travel keys with tactile feedback.
2 line, 32 character LCD alphanumeric display.
28 column thermal printer, 1 line/sec print rate.
10 timing lane inputs plus an additional select timing lane input.
Start input, start output, RS232 data, external clock and battery charge ports.
Battery charge indicator light.
Two year full warranty - parts and labor.
Physical features:

Flying Feet Computers offers three different models of the Time Machine timer:

Easy to use menu driven operation.
Provides warning tone and messages for operator errors and status reports.
Easy setup procedures. Intelligent system minimizes required inputs from operator.
User friendly:
Stores over 8000 times (and select times in cross-country mode).
Nonvolatile memory - data can not be lost.
Setup parameters are permanently stored until changed by the operator.
Dual redundancy backup circuit to assure data retention.
Displays memory status (amount used & amount available).
Asserts warning for memory almost full (< 50 available) and memory full.
Continues printing and transmitting data even if memory becomes full.
Fool proof method for clearing memory to avoid doing it accidentally.
Is supported by popular race scoring programs.
Selectable transmission of data to computer by lane# or event#.
Retransmit data to computer starting at any given time or specified place#.
RS232 compatible serial interface; baud rate selectable from 1200-9600, parity selectable for odd, even or none, 7 or 8 bit data word.
         Setups are permanently saved until changed by operator.
         Outputs in standard ASCII format. Output is compatible with standard communication programs (such as Windows
          Hyperterm) and can be imported to standard spreadsheet programs (such as Excel).
         Provides both software XON/XOFF and hardware handshake data flow control. Also provides an XOFF "time out"
         Can display a "status window" during transfers showing data count, XON status, and Handshake status - available
          for monitoring and troubleshooting.
Can be remotely controlled by a computer. Host computer can send commands to:
         Set the time clock, start it counting up or down and stop it.
         Retransmit data specifying a starting time and which data in memory should be transmitted.
         Halt retransmission of data.
         Change the current event number and/or heat number.
Computer interface:
Time Machine
Time Machine TX
Provides an external clock interface to send time clock data out serially.
         Can preset the time, start or stop the external display clock.
Time clock can be started by an independent external starting system.
Provides start pulse output to drive a starting horn or any other peripheral.
Other interfaces:
Programmable lane numbers - All grip switch inputs can easily be programmed to any lane number between 1 and 99.
Function key lockout - To help prevent keystroke errors, the function keys are "locked out" when time clock is
   running. Keys can be "unlocked" by pressing CLEAR key within 2 seconds prior to pressing one of the function keys.
Synchronizing multiple timers - Can start and synchronize the clock on another Time Machine by making a 2 second connection
   between them. The connection can then be removed and both machines will be sync'ed to within 1/100th of a second.
Performs self diagnosis - Identifies and reports potential problems and failures.
Standard cabling - Can use standard readily available telephone cables and extensions. Gripswitch cables may be extended several
   hundred feet.
Allows several printout choices - User has several options available in selecting which data is to be printed and how it will
   be formatted. Can also start and stop printer at any time, it will always continue where it left off when started.
Jammed printer detection - Detects a "jammed" printer condition and provides warning message. When jammed, the
   printing is temporarily put on hold until fixed and then continues where it left off. Any data may be reprinted at any time.
Special features:
Uses rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery for more predictable performance.
Battery will last 20+ hours with printer off and 4-5 hours with continuous printing.
Printer will automatically be disabled when battery is too low, allowing timer to continue functioning for at least 2 hours more.
Warning is asserted when battery becomes low.
Battery level can be viewed at any time from a "panel meter" display.
Battery charge light indicates when battery is fully charged and if there is a problem with the battery or charger.
May be used while charger is plugged in to allow unlimited operation of timing and printing functions.
Power system:
(click on image to view specific additional features for each model)
Time Machine -
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Time Machine II
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